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IFS-informed and Needs-Based Sessions

I can accompany you to…


  • free yourself from the emotional wounds of the past

  • learn to understand and transform habits and addictions that are not serving your life

  • become aware of what blocks you and causes your suffering

  • increase your self-confidence

  • free yourself from guilt and limiting beliefs

  • learn how to express yourself more compassionately

The supporting methods I use in the sessions


IFS - Internal Familiar Systems

IFS is the main coaching method that I use. IFS (Internal Family Systems) is a psychotherapeutic modality developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz in the early eighties. Is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. Where we believe the mind is naturally multiple and that's a good thing. This approach is based on working on the inner world of our person, made up of parts, facets of ourselves, which present themselves as a family.

IFS is a collaborative model, where I am not the expert, I simply help the person connect with their parts and their inner wisdom.


The purpose of this process is to...


  • help you find harmony and balance.

  • help you be who you were naturally meant to be.

  • help you love and accept all of who you are.

  • help you translate inner changes into outer relationships.

Compassionate Communication

Based on Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosengberg.


Nonviolent communication is not just a communication process, but it also involves a whole new way of living, thinking, acting and speaking. Its intention is to create a quality of connection where the needs of all are taken into account. 


Through the prism of NVC, I can accompany you with empathetic listening, being fully with you without judgments, advice or labels. Through this type of listening, we can connect with what truly matters to you and your own power to identify the best way to contribute to what you truly desire. ​


Nonviolent communication intentions:


  • To live with an open heart, meaning being able to connect with what is truly alive in us, to express it with the heart and to receive from others what is alive in them with compassion. We aim to prioritize connection and move beyond right/wrong thinking.

  • To increase our sense of choice, responsibility, peace, by taking responsibility for our feelings and actions, to increase our ability to meet our needs and live in the moment.

  • To share our power by taking full care of everyone's needs, increasing the ability to share resources as needed, and using the minimum force necessary to protect.


The Compass

The compass is a process developed by Arnina Kashtan (CNVC Certified Trainer). It is a process that invites us to choose the path of the heart, the path of compassion. It helps us to come back to the reality of our essence. Through The compass, we take a journey to understand what has happened to us, where our suffering comes from. And this understanding supports our liberation.

The compass allows us to follow the path that helps us connect to the fullness of our essence. Because what we bring to the world is our identity, not our essence. We also recognize that all of humanity has collectively suffered enormous traumas and we want to work on how to overcome them. The compass invites us to open ourselves to the possibility that there is another way.

Needs Based Coaching

Needs Based Coaching is a program rooted in Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and Sarah Payton's Resonant Healing. It is a program developed by Pernille Planterner (CNVC certified trainer).


The tools and processes offered in this program can help us support others in self-acceptance and self-connection. We recognize that the accompanied person has the wisdom and the resources to face their challenges. And we aim to replace the thought of scarcity with confidence in the infinite possibilities of a person's life.

This program has given me tools to support others on their journey to self-connection, heal inner wounds, and connect to their deepest values.

Practical Information

  • We have two preliminary sessions in order to get to know each other and talk about how the sessions work, agreements and your intention to be in the sessions. 

  • I work mainly with the IFS process, but I use also what I have learned from all the other methods that I have mentioned above. 

  • Sessions can be in person or online. 

  • Your contribution: €60.00 per one hour session (you can use PayPal, bank transfer or cash)

    • We live in a world where a lot of people struggle to make ends meet and would not be able to afford this kind of sessions. I believe that it is very important that the tools that I propose are accessible to all, so if it would be difficult for you to contribute this amount of money, please contact me and we can talk about doing the sessions based on gift economy. ​

Learn more about my interest on gift economy

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