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Gift Economy

Since the age of 16, I have wanted to help others and be part of the co-creation of a different world.  This desire arises from the need to contribute to life, and it becomes stronger the more aware I am about the fact that life on earth weighs little in the current organization of the world. I have always wanted to take this path without letting myself deviate from my personal and philosophical choices for economic reasons. That is to say that I do not want the defense of life and the care of humans to become a profession like any other, in an economy where everything is merchandise, which would force my activity to be carried out from the profitability and not from what is useful to human beings. My objective is not to commodify a know-how but to collaborate in the emergence of a new world. 


I also believe that it is very important that the tools that I propose are accessible to all. Part of co-creating a different world is liberating ourselves from the effects of the social oppressions we have gone through. Those effects can be the wounds we are carrying from childhood, our limiting believes, our patterns, ect. Effects that don't allow us to develop our potential and be the change we want to see in the world. 


So, because of all this, I propose to people who struggle to make ends meet a payment system based on needs. So, if you would find it difficult to afford my sessions or workshops and at the same time you consider that you would really benefit from them, I would like you to discern for yourself how much to contribute. I think it's healthier to have this type of interaction where you base your exchanges on what you need and what you can give, thinking of yourself while thinking of the others.

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