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Gift Economy

Since the age of 16, I have wanted to help others and be part of the co-creation of a different world.  This desire arises from the need to contribute to life and the ecosystem, and it becomes stronger the more aware I am about the fact that life on earth weighs little in the current organization of the world. I have always wanted to take this path without letting myself deviate from my personal and philosophical choices for economic reasons. That is to say that I do not want the defense of life and the care of humans to become a profession like any other, in an economy where everything is merchandise, which would force my activity to be carried out from the profitability and not from what is useful to human beings. The two do not necessarily coincide. My objective is not to commodify a know-how but to collaborate in the emergence of a new world (which begins in the private space) based on compassion.


I believe that it is very important that the tools that I propose are accessible to all, in this, I try to offer my sessions and workshops according to the principle: to each according to his/her needs (which is at the antipode of the current world where life is possible, but it is up to each person according to their means).  To find the balance between financial sustainability and the need for me to side with those who fight for the emergence of another possible world, I chose a payment system based on needs. This system is both innovative but also very old because it is found in many pre-capitalist societies.


When I learned about gift economy, my heart was completely drawn to this idea. Even though I have doubts about whether I could really find sustainability through this type of economy (doubts that are based on the idea of scarcity conditioned in me by the domination system) I would like to experiment with it, therefore, the workshops and sessions that I propose are based on this gif economy. 

How do individual sessions or workshops contributions work?
There is no set amount for sessions or workshops. I would like everyone to discern for themselves how much to give and I recognize that it can be too difficult for some people, that's why I give some scales as examples. If people can, I invite them to give more than they imagine such a course or session would "cost". Thus, by this act of generosity it is possible for others to give less than this amount (including zero). It is therefore a matter of trust. I think it's healthier to have this type of interaction where you base your exchanges on what you need and what you can give, thinking of yourself while thinking of the others.

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