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Do you find it difficult to live Nonviolent Communication consciousness? If you do, I can help you gain more understanding, practice and integration of NVC through:

  • Structure sessions according to your personal goals.

  • NVC education on key concepts and awareness behind the model.

  • Exercises to practice using the model with real life situations.

  • Support you in maintaining a daily practice.

The Matrix

During mentoring sessions, we work with "The Pathways to Liberation: The Matrix of Self-Assessment". developed to support self-assessment of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) skills and awareness. The Matrix is a collaborative project created by Jacob Gotwals, Jack Lehman, Jim Manske and Jori Manske.


"Nonviolent Communication is an awareness discipline masquerading as a communication process.” Any such discipline is a sort of spiritual undertaking that requires focus, feedback, and persistence to integrate fully into one’s life." Pathways to Nonviolent Communication by Jim Manske. 

I can support your journey with practices that keep you focused on the skills highlighted on the Matrix and support you to keep moving forward.

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Key Differentiations

Another tool I use during mentoring sessions is the focus on The Key Differentiations.


“Marshall Rosenberg developed The Key Differentiations by placing the paradigm of dominance and collaboration side by side. Opposing these paradigms, he thought, would inevitably serve to bring us back to our compassionate nature…” Choice by Kathleen Macferran and Jared FInkesltein

The concept of key distinctions was informed by Piaget's framework of the learning process. One aspect of this, for Piaget, was to see learning as marked by a growing ability of the learner to differentiate between states and things, articulating these differences so that they can be named, shared, reflected on and put into practice.

These Key distinctions support our integration of the spirituality of NVC and serve us as a guide to know where we are in our journey. 

Practical Info 

  • We have one preliminary session in order to get to know each other and talk about how the sessions work, agreements and your intention to be in the sessions. 

  • Sessions are one-hour sessions.

  • Sessions are based on your specific goals. 

  • Things that can be covered during a mentoring session:  

    • During the sessions we might work with a real-life situation you have and go through it with an NVC lens, we might look at what Key Differentiation and skills from the Matrix are related to the situation. 

    • We can also do specific NVC exercise/role plays to go through a specific situation. 

    • We can practice specific exercises related to a Key Differentiation or a specific skill from the Matrix

  • Sessions can be in person or online. 

  • Your contribution: €60.00 per one hour session (you can use PayPal, bank transfer or cash)

    • We live in a world where a lot of people struggle to make ends meet and would not be able to afford this kind of sessions. I believe that it is very important that the tools that I propose are accessible to all, so if it would be difficult for you to contribute this amount of money, please contact me and we can talk about doing the sessions based on gift economy. ​

Learn more about my interest on gift economy

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