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Carimar Barrientos

IFS & NVC Coaching, Mentoring and Workshops

From loneliness to connection

I have known the pain of loneliness, that deep hole in my heart that has tentacles and expands through my chest. Yes, I've been there, I've had the experience of separation even when there were people by my side. I have known the anger I could use to cover the pain, the insecurities and the self-criticism. I went through all that and I have learned to heal, to find peace. I learned to express myself, to say what happens to me and connect it with what I need. I managed to find peace of mind and the strength to carry on. My path is not over yet, but I feel ready to accompany others on their own journey.

My story is the story of loneliness. When I realized that part of my loneliness was due to the fact that I didn't know how to communicate, how to express what I felt and what I wanted, I decided to learn how to do it. I started studying how to have difficult conversations, then the path led me to learn more about emotional balance and cognitive behavioral therapy, all these tools helped me a lot to understand the brain and how my mind works, but I didn't see much change, I still had a lot of difficulty expressing and controlling my reactions (reactions that I was starting to be more aware being with my partner). And then I found Nonviolent Communication a tool that allowed me to find the confidence and strength to speak up, connect with my inner compassion, and live more fully aligned with my values. 


As I grew more confident and with more ability to speak, I was still missing a piece, something that would support me more in healing those wounded parts of me, and in seeking healing, I found IFS. ​ IFS together with NVC changed my life, I learned so many things about myself that I didn't know. I healed so many wounds that I carried and free myself from a lot of limiting believes. 

Towards Social Change


Another part of my story is my search to know what I can do to contribute to social change. That search made NVC more appealing to me. As I see on it a lot of potential to contribute to social change. I would like to emphasize this potential in everything I do. Because most of the problems we face are rooted in the socialization we have endured, rooted in a system based on domination and violence. And if we want to heal individually, we need to heal collectively.

My professional path

I graduated as a petroleum engineer in Maracaibo, Venezuela, when I was 21 years old. After working for a year as an engineer, I decided it wasn't my path, so I quit and started teaching Spanish and English.  


While teaching I did a lot of volunteering, I backpacked through South America and Mexico working on farms and getting to know the reality of the inhabitants of Central and South America, and between 2019 and 2021 with my partner, we started and developed a social project in Venezuela ( 


I now live in France, I'm 34 years old and I'm working for my CNVC certification and also for increasing my knowledge on systemic change.

If you want to get to know in more details the specific trainings I have done don't hesitate on taking a look at my C.V 

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