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A path towards liberation

I support people who are facing problems of loneliness, anger, shame, inner criticism, decision making or difficult relationships. I support them to understand the roots of their suffering, connect with their compassionate nature -their inner power- and liberate themselves from the wounds and limiting believes they carry so that they can lead their life with balance and harmony, and from that empowerment contribute to a world where the needs of all are taken into account. 

The individual support that I offer is based on different methodologies, but the main ones are IFS (Internal Family Systems) and NVC (Nonviolent Communication). During the sessions, I choose to bring a systemic lens, as a way to recognize that individual suffering and challenges often have their source in the social systems within which we live. And with this in mind we try to connect with what we can do about it at the individual level within the paradigm of nonviolence.

Individual Coaching, Mentoring and Workshops with a systemic lens, based on Internal Family Systems and Nonviolent Communication. 


IFS-informed and Needs-Based Coaching

NVC Mentoring

Have you started to learn Nonviolent Communication and are having difficulties living it, putting it into practice? If the answer is "yes" It was the same for me (I must admit that sometimes it still is). But I have found a way to connect with the deeper consciousness behind the method, I have studied and taught the key concepts, the skills and the consciousness behind, and I find that when we have someone to support us with an structure practice and consistent support, it is easier to find the path to truly connect with the consciousness and experience more fluency with this compassionate language. 

Are you interested in an IFS-informed and Needs-Based Coaching session?


 “If I use Nonviolent Communication to liberate people to be less depressed, to get along better with their family, but do not teach them, at the same time, to use their energy to rapidly transform systems in the world, then I am part of the problem. I am essentially calming people down, making them happier to live in the systems as they are, so I am using NVC as a narcotic.” Marshall Rosenberg

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I offer workshops in Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems.

At the same time, I am developing a program specifically on individual healing in a community setting with a systemic lens based on these approaches.

  Carimar Barrientos

IFS & NVC Coaching, Mentoring and Workshops

About me

I have been studying nonviolent communication for more than 3 years and now I am a certification candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. In my journey to certification, I completed a 6-month coaching program based on NVC and IFS and undertook over 50 days of NVC training. While learning Nonviolent Communication, I discovered IFS and so far, I have completed IFS level I and Level II en couple therapy.

"I really like the way Cari gave her workshop, the rhythm, and her sensitivity and closeness"
"I had the chance to do an online workshop with Carimar on Self-Compassion, before separating from my husband. This approach of self-compassion and NVC was what we needed to separate with love and respect, and it continues now a days. After this workshop I started to do online sessions with her to take care of my "inner child", and I would like to say that she really has a strong ability to guide me and make me travel inside myself. I experienced a lot of serenity even though we are thousands of kilometers away. Her sessions allowed me to unblocked things in me... I strongly recommend her." Elisa Llaurado
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